Nancy introduced me to tapping and coached me through the process. In my very first session I experienced immediate results as I felt a shift in my mind and body. It was amazing! For years I’ve wanted to grow my business beyond $100K. Limiting beliefs and subconscious mind blocks have held me back. Nancy skillfully … Continue reading Cindy May

Cindy May Cindy May

I had never experienced tapping until Nancy Linnerooth. Now I’m changed forever! I have to admit I would have even categorized myself as a skeptic prior to meeting Nancy. She leaves you wanting more! Nancy is powerful, receptive, sensitive to her audience and I would highly recommend her for any stress you may have! I’ve … Continue reading Reena Friedman Watts

Reena Friedman Watts Reena Friedman Watts

Oh my gosh, I don’t even know how to explain but, I’ve shifted into a sort of positive space where I am looking forward to everyday again. I feel like I’ve taken control over my life again and my emotions and it’s so liberating. I absolutely love your work and your energy and your personality. … Continue reading Renessa Mahabeer

Renessa Mahabeer Renessa Mahabeer

As a published Author I had put myself out there for all the world to see and to judge, and even though I had made that big leap, I found myself hiding more and more every day, hoping people would find me on their own. I was putting it all on them to find me, … Continue reading Laura Templeton

Laura Templeton

I found working with Nancy fun, interesting, and incredibly helpful to my work as an artist and writer. I do my best to be aware and conscious of the reasons I do things, but through tapping with Nancy I uncovered blocks that I didn’t know I had, blocks that contributed to a sense of heaviness … Continue reading Louise LeBourgeois

Louise LeBourgeois Louise LeBourgeois

I started with Nancy when I felt a calling to double my income. I could feel inner resistance and limiting beliefs (I’m not good enough, who do you think you are, you’re not worthy) coming up daily and I wanted to clear these from my system so I could move forward and serve more people. … Continue reading Sara Connell

Sara Connell

Today’s session was fabulous! You have such a gift of helping us uncover blocks we didn’t know we had! I love our group and learn so much from everyone!

Margaret Martin

[Watch the video testimonial by Jennifer Hasan] Before working with Nancy, Jennifer Hasan was confused about why her business wasn’t doing well.  Jenn had been struggling with money problems for a long time in spite of doing a lot of work on herself for over 20 years. She’d taken care of all the conscious issues, … Continue reading Jennifer Hasan

Jennifer Hasan

The group class I took with Nancy Linnerooth in 2020 has been a life-changing, remarkably healing experience. I’m deeply grateful for the work we did together which has brought about massive inner shifts such that I’ve dismantled unhealthy core beliefs that have sabotaged my life until now. Nancy helped me identify destructive patterns in my … Continue reading Susan Power

Susan Power

Working with Nancy was everything I had hoped and thought it would be. She had an intelligent yet humble expertise that was nimbly executed every time we met. She was able to hold the most tremendous of reactions I had to the work, which at times blew me away. She however, stayed calm and composed … Continue reading Aviva Brill

Aviva Brill

This is a video testimonial by Ciara Cartwright (watch the video below). Before doing the Money Blocks Solution, Ciara was doing work she didn’t like and actually avoiding accepting money from clients. After joining the group, she stepped up and started creating the business she had been hoping for.  She was able to network and … Continue reading Ciara Cartwright

Ciara Cartwright

When I started with the Money Blocks Solution, my husband and I had just decided to close the doors on the business we poured everything into for five years. Even though the business brought in a lot of revenue (over $1.2 million in 2019), we were never able to make a profit and continued to … Continue reading Shellie Fredrich

Shellie Fredrich Shellie Fredrich

I started working with Nancy because I had these blocks inside me holding me back in order to actually enjoy my success and go even bigger with my business (and yes, let’s just be real: to make more money while doing that). Nancy was recommended to me by someone I know and I booked a … Continue reading Vibeke

Vibeke Vibeke Storm-Frandsen Copy coach and copywriter https://www.vibekestorm.com/

I have two successful businesses and want to start more but haven’t been able to because it took so much energy just to get through my days. Stress really drains me, and whenever my plans changed, or I talked to one side of my family, or I had to travel, I would get really stressed. … Continue reading Bryan


Before I worked with Nancy I was feeling broke and was stressed about bills and money owing. I also have my own small side-business and wasn’t making any money with it, but also was procrastinating on finding/getting clients or any marketing activities that would help alleviate the problem! During our group work I was surprised … Continue reading Anne Robley

Anne Robley

What I love about working with Nancy is her ability to get to the root of the underlying beliefs that keep me from reaching my goals. It’s pretty amazing how much of a shift I feel from session to session. I truly appreciate her curiosity and patience as we uncover the seemingly insignificant beliefs that … Continue reading Jean Prominski

Jean Prominski

Prior to working with Nancy, I had pent up anger and distrust over an incident that happened over 5 years prior.  Instead of putting it behind me, I just felt more frustrated as each year passed.  It was blocking me from moving on and feeling happy. Once I started  tapping with Nancy, my whole perspective … Continue reading Julie S.

Julie S.

For years I’ve struggled with a pattern of making money in my business, then having a big dip where the money goes out and I feel like I’m back to struggling again. I tried a lot of different things to fix it, but I just couldn’t seem to change that pattern. When I started working … Continue reading Rucsandra Mitrea

Rucsandra Mitrea

Gina struggled with procrastination for so long it became a joke among her friends. But they’re not laughing anymore. We worked together, tapping on what was causing her to procrastinate. As her subconscious blocks fell away, one by one, she found that she was able to get things done that had had her stuck, sometimes … Continue reading Gina


My biggest problem is that I blush or get embarrassed when I speak about myself in front of strangers or people I really respect. After tapping with Nancy I definitely became more confident speaking about issues. Now, going forward, I am just going to keep working it! Over and over. Understanding the issues that hold … Continue reading Jennifer Ressmann

Jennifer Ressmann

Before I worked with Nancy, I was blocked about a dilemma I had. I thought I just had to muscle through it or meditate on it or ask for signs to get more clarity. It was something I was agonizing over internally on an almost daily basis. I was a little skeptical of tapping, just … Continue reading Emma G.

Emma G.

The initial problem I came to Nancy with was a block looking for a job since moving to a new city, and on a larger scale I felt lost deciding what overall path I wanted to follow career-wise. As I began my work with her I quickly realized that the deeper issues leading to my … Continue reading N.P.


I want to thank Nancy Linnerooth, Procrastination Coach and EFT/Tapping Specialist, for showing me how tapping techniques could help release old thought patterns.  I believe that using EFT techniques can help change reoccurring thought patterns. As an expert in this field, Nancy can guide you through changing thought patterns with tapping. If your feeling stuck in any … Continue reading Karen Mezich

Karen Mezich

I received an amazing session from Nancy where we focused on why I have not been able to break through my usual earnings level. In our very first session we cleared some difficult early memories. As a result January 2019 was my highest grossing month ever! (I’ve been in business 26 years.) Thank you Nancy! … Continue reading Laurece West

Laurece West

This was my first introduction to Tapping and I wasn’t sure what to expect or how this would work for me. Nancy was great. She explained everything and set up the structure for our work together. I had a few things that had been blocking my path to self-improvement and business success.  To my amazement, … Continue reading Amy O’Brien

Amy O’Brien

When I began working with Nancy, I wanted to dislodge and resolve old thoughts and beliefs which I knew were holding me back. With Nancy’s expert guidance and warm sense of humor, not only did I successfully work through the blocks, I tackled deeper issues, too. Nancy’s insight into what’s not being said and her … Continue reading Debby Kevin

Debby Kevin

I decided to work with Nancy for a variety of reasons – fear around hiring an employee for my business, relationship problems and health issues. In the first session we tackled my fear and resistance to hiring an employee. Through Nancy’s expert guidance she helped me work through my issues, had me create an affirmation … Continue reading AC


Julie went from being scared and unsure about getting clients for her new business to feeling confident, making connections and signing up her first clients. Even her husband noticed the difference in her! Watch the video to hear more.


Before I started working with Nancy, I was working really long hours and didn’t know how to stop. Most of my life I have cared and worried too much about what others thought of me and forgot what I wanted and needed. For probably the last ten years I’ve realized I’ve been running a marathon … Continue reading Wendi


Like a lot of women entrepreneurs, I fall prey to imposter syndrome, low self-confidence and a fear of success. Through EFT, Nancy gave me an easy yet powerful technique that has really made a difference. Perhaps the biggest surprise was how immediate the effects are. Right after the session, something shifted. It just seemed easier … Continue reading J


I was feeling conflicted about an upcoming presentation I was giving to a group of parents. Mostly, I was resentful that I was NOT getting paid for a service I provide typically for as much as $500. Feeling angry and underappreciated. My time is NOT being valued. I was pleasantly surprised that Nancy picked up … Continue reading Erika Stroh

Erika Stroh

I was experiencing problem of upset confusion fear and anxiety about some issues regarding selling my mother’s prints. Although I am a seasoned EFT practitioner myself, I found that working with another professional very powerful and was happy to follow Nancy’s lead and do some things differently than my usual way of using this process. … Continue reading Lisa Falls

Lisa Falls

Before I met with Nancy, I was feeling fear about not being successful in my business. I was surprised that the tapping really brought up some thoughts I hadn’t realized were blocking me in having a successful business! After we were done I noticed that my belief that “I cannot have a successful business” really … Continue reading Rebecca Tervo

Rebecca Tervo

“I had a BIG problem. My new marketing campaign was blocked. Being stuck for weeks was stressful and frustrating. I had no idea WHAT was getting in my way. The block Nancy removed turned out to be ‘perfection paralysis.’ In hindsight it made total sense. As a master of the ‘Message-to-Market-Match,’ I had to walk … Continue reading Rosemary Davies-Janes

Rosemary Davies-Janes

I had a great experience working with Nancy Linnerooth and her Tapping method to release blocks. I was experiencing what I thought was a pure money block, but by the end of the session realized that the block was rooted in something deeper and quite different. Nancy was a great guide, gently asking the right … Continue reading Virginia Barthel

Virginia Barthel

Tapping and healing of deeply personal issues aren’t new to me, as I have done introspection and personal healing for well over thirty years. However, as a healer myself, it is impossible to see everything because our little ego gets in the way to protect us. WIth Nancy, I was able to focus on the … Continue reading Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Not knowing too much about tapping, I was curious. i had heard people speak of experiencing profound shifts. I have been experiencing frustration in generating new business for my consulting firm. Like many small companies, we suffered dramatically after the 2008 recession, and haven’t fully recovered. Tapping offered a novel approach. I did not know … Continue reading Rosemary Bova

Rosemary Bova

I’m a senior in college, and like most of my classmates, the horizon of graduation is approaching with the promise of change and the pressure of choice. Choosing between the many possibilities felt not only like choosing what to do, but who to be, and that was making me feet stuck. Although I was wary of … Continue reading Freya Kai Chay

Freya Kai Chay

I came to Nancy to help me with my stuckness in my business. I just could not figure out what was blocking me from doing for myself the very things I provide for my clients. Within the first session, I felt markedly better, and with each successive session, things incrementally improved with very little setback. … Continue reading Rebekah, Business Owner

Rebekah, Business Owner

I was feeling incredibly stuck and overwhelmed in my life and work – to the point of not being able to do simple tasks like washing dishes or making the bed. In under an hour, Nancy helped bring me out of overwhelm by uncovering and healing a painful memory from my past. By the end … Continue reading Rebecca Kane, business owner

Rebecca Kane, business owner

I came to Nancy as a new business owner struggling with an emotional block. Nancy helped me name the block, explore where it came from and clear my thinking. We chose a specific memory from my childhood that related to the block and we tapped through it. I was surprised about how many different emotions … Continue reading Darien


Thank you so much for the amazing session we had together. I had never done tapping or matrix work. I had heard about them and am so grateful that I got the opportunity to work with you. I was and have always struggled with paperwork that is required to run my business. The books that … Continue reading Aysha Strausbaugh

Aysha Strausbaugh

I started working with Nancy 13 years ago on professional coaching to advance my career. I am happy to say that since working with Nancy I quadrupled my income and risen in levels of responsibility I have held in companies. She helped develop confidence in my abilities and realize that I was fully capable of … Continue reading MR


Recently I became aware of my self-sabotaging behavior & dis-ease about my career and especially expanding my design company.  This had been happening for over a year. It felt as if I was taking a step forward and then one or two back. After the years of preparation that I put into school, how much … Continue reading Kimberly Schwing

Kimberly Schwing

I was having problems focusing at work, and was not productive on the job. Nancy had a lot of good insight about all things work related, and the tapping for me was transcendent, and works. I began to get awards for performance at work, and then got a big promotion and a pay increase. I … Continue reading William Thompson

William Thompson