[Watch the video testimonial by Jennifer Hasan]

Before working with Nancy, Jennifer Hasan was confused about why her business wasn’t doing well. 

Jenn had been struggling with money problems for a long time in spite of doing a lot of work on herself for over 20 years. She’d taken care of all the conscious issues, but she didn’t know how to fix the subconscious issues. So she came to Nancy.

Working together changed the trajectory of Jenn’s business. She saw immediate results. People were coming to her easier, and she started closing deals much easier. 

As Jenn says, “It was the best money spent.” 

And she adds that Nancy “Knows what she’s doing. She really does, and I trust her with my clients and with my life.”

Listen to Jenn’s story about how she discovered where her money problems came from and how she got rid of them.

Jennifer Hasan
Prospecting Works

― Jennifer Hasan