Working with Nancy was everything I had hoped and thought it would be. She had an intelligent yet humble expertise that was nimbly executed every time we met. She was able to hold the most tremendous of reactions I had to the work, which at times blew me away. She however, stayed calm and composed as she guided me in and out of remarkable emotional revelation and clarity.

I entered the work with an open mind and heart, knowing there could be difficult territory to explore. I was an engaged and willing participant. However, that was in large part due to the amount of trust inspired in me from our initial conversations. Where I was open to the work, it was Nancy’s expertise combined with her genuine compassion that allowed me to understand and transform multiple faulty concepts I had carried for years.

When I began the work, I was concerned about doubts and fears. When I completed our sessions, I felt I had healed not only aspects of myself and prior beliefs, I also felt I had a clearer understanding of family members and choices they made. I gained a sense of healing and clarity about myself and several of my family members.

Working with Nancy provided illumination, clarity and connection of dots that I likely would never have made without working with her.

In writing this testimonial, I think it is important to acknowledge cost for services. As a coach myself, I understand there is wisdom that states pricing is commensurate with the value provided. Nancy’s work is, without a doubt, an excellent example of receiving far more than the value in dollars. Her work is life-changing in powerful and positive ways from the first session.

I genuinely look forward to working with Nancy again.

Aviva Brill

Aviva Brill, MSW + Best-Life Coach
It’s time to live Life as Your Best Self!

― Aviva Brill