I started with Nancy when I felt a calling to double my income. I could feel inner resistance and limiting beliefs (I’m not good enough, who do you think you are, you’re not worthy) coming up daily and I wanted to clear these from my system so I could move forward and serve more people. I’d done tapping online and absolutely believed in the power of subconscious mind but I had never experienced anything like Nancy’s work. She is highly skilled and a consummate professional of this work.

A month into our sessions together, I had my first 2 consecutive $100K months! Nancy guided me to continue clearing fears, blocks and limiting beliefs through the tapping and I sold out a retreat with over 325 people and just signed a new client for $55K- a bigger program than I have ever offered before.

I’ve been recommending Nancy to all of my clients, family and friends. Her work is darn near miraculous!

Sara Connell
Best Selling Author & Founder of Thought Leader Academy
IG @saraconnell

― Sara Connell