I decided to work with Nancy for a variety of reasons – fear around hiring an employee for my business, relationship problems and health issues. In the first session we tackled my fear and resistance to hiring an employee. Through Nancy’s expert guidance she helped me work through my issues, had me create an affirmation and come up with steps that would help me hire someone. I did all of the steps we agreed upon. The affirmation we created stated that I would hire the right person for the position within eleven days of that meeting. Amazingly the right person was introduced to me eight days later and I hired her fourteen days after creating my ambitious affirmation with Nancy! And, I completely trusted I made the right decision and all would be well with my business. This is huge for me! We’ve done other work together that has helped release some old emotional pain. The work with Nancy has been transformative! She is highly skilled and with her background in counseling and her EFT expertise she really knows how to get at the heart of a problem and help you work it out. I HIGHLY recommend her!!

― AC