The Science of Getting Rich for Women

I’m honored to be one of three experts in changing your subconscious who are featured in Sara Connell’s awesome bestseller, The Science of Getting Rich for Women.

Sara has taken the old BE-DO-HAVE formula for success and brought it up to date by adding a new step: BE-(RELEASE)-DO-HAVE. I’m interviewed in the section on the importance of—and how to—release blocks in your subconscious that get in the way of getting rich.

I also recorded a video with Sara, taking her (and you) through a process to raise your money ceiling with tapping. That video and other goodies are on the book portal, available to you when you buy the book.

In The Science of Getting Rich for Women, you’ll learn the actions, strategies, and mindsets of 25 self-made women millionaires and exactly how YOU get to be next.

I’m so excited for you to have a success breakthrough with this book!

Your First Year: What I Wish I'd Known
Your First Year: What I Wish I’d Known: Lessons from Women Entrepreneurs for Women Entrepreneurs

My new book (an Amazon bestseller!) supports more women becoming leaders in their business, their industry, and the world. It’s Your First Year: What I Wish I’d Known: Lessons from Women Entrepreneurs for Women Entrepreneurs. (What a mouthful!)

I’m one of twenty-two contributors to this book that lets women starting a business—or who have an established business and could use the insights—know what will support them as they build and grow their businesses.

(Wish I’d known more of these best practices before I started. It would have saved me lots of mis-steps.)

It’s broken down into five sections, filled with stories and essential tips:

  • Mindset, where my chapter—Don’t Let Your Subconscious Ruin Your Business—lives,
  • Foundations, which includes issues like legal set-up and bookkeeping,
  • Marketing, sooo key to having a successful business,
  • Lifestyle, with chapters on setting boundaries to protect your time and the importance of not neglecting your body, and
  • Adversity, for when life/business/everything gets tough.

Learn more and get your own copy today at

And if you know a woman with a business, this is a great gift to support her.

Please let me know what you think of the book.