Thank you so much for the amazing session we had together. I had never done tapping or matrix work. I had heard about them and am so grateful that I got the opportunity to work with you.

I was and have always struggled with paperwork that is required to run my business. The books that my accountant needs before taxes. I hate doing it. Each year I put it off to the end.

During my session with you I was pleasantly surprised to go back and talk to my younger self. We created a much more pleasant memory from the past which makes my bookwork seem effortless today. I also have a plan to turn this task over to someone else for this years taxes.

Thank you Nancy!!

Aysha Strausbaugh
Owner and Pregnancy Support Coach
Making Miracles Coaching
Taking away the fear and making pregnancy the adventure of a lifetime so your baby can be born centered, healthy and calm.

― Aysha Strausbaugh