Rosemary“I had a BIG problem. My new marketing campaign was blocked. Being stuck for weeks was stressful and frustrating. I had no idea WHAT was getting in my way.

The block Nancy removed turned out to be ‘perfection paralysis.’ In hindsight it made total sense. As a master of the ‘Message-to-Market-Match,’ I had to walk my talk. I couldn’t lead with messages that were anything less than brilliant… AND authentic. Talk about pressure! Doing this for clients is easy and fast, but ironically, doing it for myself seemed impossible.

Nancy offered me an easy, effective, affordable fix. I had tried EFT before, over 10 years
ago… The experience I had back then was more intriguing than effective. But I was so
frustrated and stuck, I was ready to try again.

Nancy’s EFT prep. video was short and entertaining. When we met via video chat, I felt
I already knew her. So it was easy to trust her with the challenge of removing this highly
personal, and yes, rather embarrassing block.

What surprised me most was Nancy’s creativity and determination. She went at my block 3 different ways to ensure it was eliminated. It’s hard to believe that a block that had stopped me for weeks, cost me $2,000 in lost productivity and $10,000 in lost opportunities was removed in less than an hour. Her process was fast, easy and enjoyable. As my block was identified, rather than feeling like an idiot, I did lot of laughing. I was left feeling ‘light.’

I HIGHLY recommend you call Nancy next time a physical or emotional issue gets in your
way. The speed and effectiveness of her EFT process saved me thousands of dollars and weeks of frustration. It also dropped my stress levels from a 9-10 out of 10 back to a normal 2 or 3. I won’t agonize for weeks before I call her again!”

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Rosemary Davies-Janes
CEO & Founder
MIBOSO® Authentic Personal Branding
― Rosemary Davies-Janes