The initial problem I came to Nancy with was a block looking for a job since moving to a new city, and on a larger scale I felt lost deciding what overall path I wanted to follow career-wise. As I began my work with her I quickly realized that the deeper issues leading to my job/career struggles are my challenges feeling self-worth, my worry that if I am “seen” for myself I will not be liked or loved, and an intense feeling of “imposter” in the working world.

My most pragmatic obstacle to signing up right away was the cost, but as I thought about it I decided that this was an important investment in myself. I also knew I needed concrete tools to help me move forward in my life.

Going forward, I plan to continue using these tools in order to retrieve emotional balance when I feel off-kilter and to continue working to improve my feelings of inner confidence and self-worth. Ultimately this will help with my initial goal of making concrete decisions about my career/life path.

Nancy is a warm, intuitive, encouraging and empowering coach. Although those unfamiliar with tapping may feel it sounds a bit strange or silly, the work she does with her clients is practical, tangible and focused. Nancy maintains a good balance of listening and teaching, where she both hears where a client wants to go within each session, but she also skillfully guides the work in order to get results.

― N.P.