I started working with Nancy 13 years ago on professional coaching to advance my career. I am happy to say that since working with Nancy I quadrupled my income and risen in levels of responsibility I have held in companies. She helped develop confidence in my abilities and realize that I was fully capable of leading and delivering outstanding results in the roles I was interested in, which is not radical but difficult to achieve and that is exactly what I needed. She helped me explore career paths, identify opportunities, get out of my comfort zone, remove any blocks and coached me through the change.

I recently moved to a company that did not have the typical profile that I have been used to working in. Nancy coached me through the interviewing process (she is great at this and she has helped me with every interview I have had since I started working with her) and a tough transition. Nancy uses a technique called EFT and I am glad that she introduced me to it.  It helps get rid of blocks so quickly that I was surprised at the results.

Over the years Nancy has helped identify and work through ingrained thought patterns that were holding me back. I recently worked on not letting myself be happy which was affecting every area of my life. I see so much change in just one session. I sometimes work with Nancy on very tactical issues like making progress on a major project and there are sessions that she helps me dig deep and tap on thought patterns that are holding me back.

Nancy has been an enthusiastic champion in helping me achieve my goals and my becoming a confident, happy and strong individual.  She brings an objective perspective to any challenges I am encountering while helping me chart a course to overcome them.

I would not be where I am professionally and personally without Nancy’s coaching and support. I can always trust her to keep my best interest in every session. I highly highly recommend Nancy to anyone who would like to achieve great results.  She will help you chart the course, remove any blocks and cheer you on. You cannot go wrong with Nancy, you owe it to yourself…

― MR