I was feeling conflicted about an upcoming presentation I was giving to a group of parents. Mostly, I was resentful that I was NOT getting paid for a service I provide typically for as much as $500. Feeling angry and underappreciated. My time is NOT being valued.

I was pleasantly surprised that Nancy picked up immediately on my anger – very insightful! Apparently, I was unaware on a conscious level, that I was feeling this much anger (7 out of 10!) It was clear that my emotions were causing some physical sensations such as tightness in my shoulders and stomach. As Nancy instructed me to tap along with reciting statements that reflected my feelings about the presentation, the tightness subsided gradually.

Clearly, the benefits of working with Nancy include, but may not be limited to, creating awareness, processing and learning to accept negative emotions and shifting perspective. For me, I was relieved to address these negative feelings prior to my presentation in order to be fully present and intentional with my message. I came away from our session with a more positive perspective and feeling grateful for the opportunity to speak and market myself to a room full of potentially ideal clients as well as two school administrators who may hire me to run programs for staff and students.

I’m happy to share my experience with prospective clients!

Erika Stroh, MA
Parent Coach, Educational Consultant
Relationship Counselor
CEO, Parent From The Heart Inc.

― Erika Stroh