I came to Nancy as a new business owner struggling with an emotional block. Nancy helped me name the block, explore where it came from and clear my thinking. We chose a specific memory from my childhood that related to the block and we tapped through it. I was surprised about how many different emotions surfaced during the session. As we tapped through, new emotions would pop up and Nancy steadily began the process all over again. I am in awe of Nancy’s level of patience. She was stalwart in her approach, warm and understanding, and we worked through the memory until it was no longer emotionally charged. I am truly amazed that this childhood memory, which has caused me angst over the years, is no longer anything but an innocuous moment in my past. I’m done with it! Which is turn has helped open me up to celebrating the successes of my business.

If you have a block – something that keeps coming up – that’s preventing you from succeeding in business or living your best life, Nancy’s magic tapping is your answer!

― Darien