I started working with Nancy because I had these blocks inside me holding me back in order to actually enjoy my success and go even bigger with my business (and yes, let’s just be real: to make more money while doing that).

Nancy was recommended to me by someone I know and I booked a Get-Acquainted Call and that was where it already started.

Nancy has the best personality and you feel so comfortable talking to her. What surprised me the most was how powerful tapping is and how easily Nancy uncovers deep belief I forgot about and how she just as easily exchanges them for better and more powerful ones while you tap along with her.

As a result of working with Nancy, I trust myself, even more, I enjoy my current success, I am working less, and I am not afraid of taking the next big steps in front of me. I actually look forward to every new step along the way as a business owner. And the best part is that I always know where to find Nancy if something comes up and holding me back or blocking me.

Thank you so much, Nancy.

Vibeke Storm-Frandsen
Copy coach and copywriter

― Vibeke