For years I’ve struggled with a pattern of making money in my business, then having a big dip where the money goes out and I feel like I’m back to struggling again. I tried a lot of different things to fix it, but I just couldn’t seem to change that pattern.

When I started working with Nancy, I was surprised by all the different messages around money she uncovered that I had taken in from growing up in a communist country. Together we’ve tapped and gotten rid of messages like “There’s never enough money” and “There’s no point in saving since something will come and take it all away.”

I feel the difference after every session with Nancy. The heaviness I’ve had all my life is lifting. I feel more secure in myself. 

Lately I’ve been getting more referrals from unexpected places. I was also asked to be the main guest on a radio interview that got me in front of a lot of my ideal clients. Things are happening in my business. It’s taking off!

Rucsandra Mitrea
Vital Directives Founder
Author of You Don’t Have to Live in Pain

― Rucsandra Mitrea