I found working with Nancy fun, interesting, and incredibly helpful to my work as an artist and writer. I do my best to be aware and conscious of the reasons I do things, but through tapping with Nancy I uncovered blocks that I didn’t know I had, blocks that contributed to a sense of heaviness and difficulty whenever I sat down to work. I hadn’t been aware of how my old beliefs about what was possible had been holding me back. Together, Nancy and I worked through these blocks. After each session I felt an increased sense of calm, energy, and possibility.

I’ve had individual sessions with Nancy, and participated in a 12 week group [MVP Club] with other women. Because of the tapping we’ve done, I’ve noticed huge changes in my creativity and work life. I procrastinate less and feel lighter and happier while I”m working; my ideas flow more easily; and it’s much easier for me to envision bigger, bolder goals and projects for myself.

In the group Nancy led, the energy we all generated together was phenomenal. We tapped along with each other whenever one of us was in the “hot seat,” and even though each person’s individual situation was different, the act of tapping in a group helped us all release whatever was particular to our own situation. Witnessing the growth of others in the group absolutely makes it easier to envision growth for myself.

Nancy is warm, supportive, intelligent, and she knows what she’s doing. I highly recommend working with her. You’ll see results!

Louise LeBourgeois

― Louise LeBourgeois