The group class I took with Nancy Linnerooth in 2020 has been a life-changing, remarkably healing experience. I’m deeply grateful for the work we did together which has brought about massive inner shifts such that I’ve dismantled unhealthy core beliefs that have sabotaged my life until now. Nancy helped me identify destructive patterns in my thinking, and also taught me how to disrupt these patterns and exchange them for affirming, healthy attitudes. Additionally, Nancy’s course assisted in helping me develop increased self-confidence, emotional and psychological stability, and myriad strategies I can use when life’s challenges feel overwhelming. Even though the primary focus of the course was on improving one’s financial health, I’ve experienced an improvement in every arena of life. Our core beliefs develop at an early age and impact us every day of our lives – releasing oneself from those that do not serve us, rather harm us, is the most freeing accomplishment!

I highly, HIGHLY recommend Nancy as a teacher and coach. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the field, and she brings a wonderful energy to each meeting – upbeat, insightful, and always kind. She has worked miracles in my life.

― Susan Power