Curious about what it’s like to work with Nancy?

On this page you can watch actual Tapping sessions on different issues with entrepreneurs in different industries and at different stages in their entrepreneurial journey.

Watch the recording of an entire mini-session, beginning to end—about the length of a loveseat in the MVP Activator.

Tapping for It’s Lonely At The Top

Sara Connell is a published author in the process of launching her third book. She is also the owner of a seven-figure business empowering leaders to become bestselling authors and in-demand speakers.

See Sara go from being triggered by “It’s lonely at the top” to knowing “It’s a party at the top!” in less than 16 minutes.

This is how fast change can happen with Tapping, especially for an existing client who has already done a lot of internal work.

Getting off a Money Roller Coaster

Jill Avey coaches women leaders to excel in small and medium-sized businesses so they can step into their full potential.

Jill had never worked with Nancy before and has only done tapping once before. So this session shows what it can be like when you start working with Nancy.

Watch how together they uncover a subconscious block that has been fueling a repeating pattern in Jill’s business of having some good months followed by a slim month. 

Nancy uses tapping in several different ways to lower Jill’s subconscious block (“I’m not good enough to be rich”) from 100 percent down to 43 percent powerful. In just seventeen minutes.

Releasing The Fear That Success Would Be Overwhelming

Micha Goebig helps non-technical female professionals and founders in tech and other male-dominated spaces lead with confidence.

This is not her first business, though. Micha also founded and runs a very successful translations business. 

She came to the session with Nancy wanting to release what was holding her back from more success in the newer business. 

Having worked together several years earlier, we were quickly able to identify and bring down Micha’s subconscious belief that, if she were as successful with the newer business as with her first one, she would be overwhelmed. 

That block went from feeling 85% powerful to less than 15% powerful in just twenty minutes. Not a bad bit of work.

A few additional interesting things came up in this session:

  • A different limiting belief underlying that fear of overwhelm was a “rule” she internalized at school that she wasn’t supposed to excel in two areas—she had to choose one. This was a surprise. Of course Micha knew consciously that she could be really good at both businesses, but her subconscious had been following the old rule until the Tapping released it.
  • Although she is obviously more than fluent in English now, it’s not Micha’s first language. So you’ll notice a difference in how powerful one subconscious block was in English versus when Micha said it in German. 
  • A second block which Micha and Nancy identified but did not tap on also went down from 80% to 50% in the session. That often happens with related subconscious blocks. Now it will be easier for Micha to push past that second block even if she doesn’t tap to release it fully.

Go ahead and tap along with Micha in the video. That can actually start releasing blocks in your own subconscious, even if you don’t have the same ones we work on.Ready to release what’s holding you back? Just reach out. We’ll set up a time to talk about what’s going on with you and see if Tapping is a fit.