Before I worked with Nancy I was feeling broke and was stressed about bills and money owing. I also have my own small side-business and wasn’t making any money with it, but also was procrastinating on finding/getting clients or any marketing activities that would help alleviate the problem!

During our group work I was surprised how many money blocks were based in fear and sadness (and sometimes anger) from childhood family drama!?! That and my limiting beliefs around having your own business and making money without working yourself into the ground (or generally too hard at all… I’m over 50 and don’t want to work my ass off any more, have been doing that all my life!)

Since doing the money group, I don’t have the same physical reactions to things from my past, especially as I work to improve my business and revenue, the old excuses don’t invoke the same (if any) feelings. I am more excited to get to work making my own business profitable and (pre-virus outbreak) was getting things done and keeping to routines much more easily AND enjoying it! Also, I seem to have more in savings that I ever have before, even though I haven’t had any new clients (yet!) or any other changes… there’s just money in my account to pay bills and (methodically) pay down debts and still have something left in savings! Even with the world wide covid19 right now, I’m still getting paid more than I originally thought I would from my part time day-job! Thanks Nancy, for opening my eyes up to the workings of the Universe! When you can remove the barriers that kept it at bay, there is definitely help there!!

Anne Robley
Shirley’s Girl Interiors

― Anne Robley