As a published Author I had put myself out there for all the world to see and to judge, and even though I had made that big leap, I found myself hiding more and more every day, hoping people would find me on their own. I was putting it all on them to find me, but I was hoping they wouldn’t at the same time. In essence I was running and hiding from what I am called to do, help people find their confident voice when communicating who they are and who they serve. But I didn’ t know why I was hiding.

With Nancy’s help and the borrowed benefits of the group dynamic, I’ve been able to overcome the fear gremlins, figure out where they came from, face them head on, thank them for doing their job of protecting me, release them with love, and step into my purpose fully and without fear.

My energy and excitement for my future has hit an all time high. I feel like I am wearing a cape of invincibility now and when the fear gremlins start to pop up, I have the tools to identify them for what they are and lovingly send them on their way.

With these blocks removed, I am finally re-launching my first of four courses, getting invited to speak at conferences I only dared dreamed about, and have been invited to promote my Workforce Marketing program on a podcast called The Best Kept Secret. (How is that for profound?)

If you, like me, are tired of playing small but can’t quite figure out what’s holding you back, I encourage you to have a chat with Nancy, she will change your life.

Laura Templeton
CEO 30 Second Success
Author of 30 Second Success: Ditch the pitch and start connecting!

― Laura Templeton