Not knowing too much about tapping, I was curious. i had heard people speak of experiencing profound shifts. I have been experiencing frustration in generating new business for my consulting firm. Like many small companies, we suffered dramatically after the 2008 recession, and haven’t fully recovered. Tapping offered a novel approach.

I did not know what to expect and was skeptical. I was blown away by the insights that emerged during the session, which were confirmed by truth confirming chills a few times throughout the session.

I experienced the release of blocked energy I didn’t know was there. At one point it felt like firecrackers were going off in my skull, allowing for this blocked energy to be returned to the universe for recycling. Since the session, I feel lighter and more focussed. I have noticed that I do not get triggered by people or events and seem more focussed, with greater confidence. I notice I am more myself.

Rosemary A. Bova

― Rosemary Bova