Tapping and healing of deeply personal issues aren’t new to me, as I have done introspection and personal healing for well over thirty years. However, as a healer myself, it is impossible to see everything because our little ego gets in the way to protect us. WIth Nancy, I was able to focus on the work while she saw the underlying reason, phrases, and words that helped me make this session such a success.

Nancy is a lovely, non-judgmental supportive healer who helped me with a deep issue getting my fourth book completed as I was afraid of the success having an International Best-Selling book would bring. I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to continue to do the things that make me happy. Nancy blew this one out of the water!

The second issue was deeper and one I struggled my entire life with as a survivor of sexual abuse I picked men that would abuse me or victimize me in some way. At 63 I wouldn’t allow a man close enough to love me because I was so afraid I would choose the wrong guy. I knew the issues released, as I cried, laughed and then had chills all over my body as confirmation of success! I am forever grateful to Nancy and this deep, loving work that changed my life forever. Thank you, Nancy. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering working with Nancy.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Author of Happy Anywhere

― Jennifer Elizabeth Masters