Before I worked with Nancy, I was blocked about a dilemma I had. I thought I just had to muscle through it or meditate on it or ask for signs to get more clarity. It was something I was agonizing over internally on an almost daily basis. I was a little skeptical of tapping, just because I don’t understand it, but Nancy set me up for success by making sure I knew the basics before our first session. This enabled me to come to the session knowing it would be helpful and allowed us to maximize our time. Because if the session, I have since realized that the dilemma I thougt I had, I don’t actually have anymore. It was really about something else, and I am now able to go about solving that situation directly, rather than projecting it into something hypothetical.

When I recommend Nancy to others, I tell them that they may not understand tapping, I certainly didn’t, but that doesn’t keep it from working and she will set you up for success. Time with Nancy is both profound-it gets deep, quickly and it’s also fun-I laughed, a lot.

If anyone would like to speak with me regarding work with Nancy, please just give me a ring at 720-431-3452.

― Emma G.