Get Rid of Your Internal Blocks to Growing Your Business

Do you know what you need to do to grow your business, but for some reason you hold yourself back? Do you do things like procrastinate, avoid important actions, or even sabotage yourself at times?

I am Nancy Linnerooth, and entrepreneurs hire me to get rid of internal blocks that slow them down, keeping them from creating and growing the business they want to have.

Not “work around” those blocks. Not “push through” them. Get rid of them. Forever.

I would like to give you a free Discovery Session to identify your own internal blocks.

If you would like to discover what is slowing you down and what you could do to change that, I would like to give you a free hour-long Discovery Session.

During that Session we will:

  • Identify where you are holding yourself back;
  • Find out what the block is that is getting in your way; and
  • Explore what you could do to actually release that block.

Why am I doing this? I know that a certain percentage of the people who do a Discovery Session with me will go on to work with me to finally get rid of the blocks that have slowed them down.

I have two coaching programs:

In the Block Buster Boot Camp, you focus intensively for one month on a single block that is slowing you and your business down.

In the Block Buster Mastery Program, we work in-depth for six months to identify and get rid of as many of your internal blocks as possible, starting with the block that is holding you back the most.

The Boot Camp is $499. The Mastery Program is $1999, or you can choose an installment plan of 5 monthly payments of $499 (for a total of $2495).

I promise that you won’t get a sales pitch from me during the Discovery Session. I am giving away the session, no strings attached!

To set up a free Discovery Session, book it now on my online calendar. Or, you call me at 206.459.1589, or email me at