Before I started working with Nancy, I was working really long hours and didn’t know how to stop. Most of my life I have cared and worried too much about what others thought of me and forgot what I wanted and needed. For probably the last ten years I’ve realized I’ve been running a marathon at work, but I felt like I had to for people to be happy with me.I just felt guilty being leisurely and doing things like taking a walk or reading a book.

Shortly after I started working in my 20s, I developed pain in my neck and shoulders. It was intense at times. When I started working with Nancy the pain was averaging about a “7” on a 10-point scale most days.

I tried a lot of different approaches to bring my pain down before I found Nancy, including working with another EFT practitioner. Nothing seemed to last, so I wasn’t sure I should spend more time and money to work with Nancy.  But I’m glad I did.

After three sessions with her, I’m finding more peace. I have dropped my work hours from more than ten hours every day to an average of nine. I’m worrying less about others’ criticism. I’ve been sharing healthy home-cooked dinners with my husband, going on walks, taking time for reading, and having dinner with friends.

Best of all, the pain in my neck and shoulders is definitely reduced from a “7” to a “3” on average. Give Nancy a call if you’re looking to get past any blocks in your life!


― Wendi