Welcome to The Uncover Your Success Blocks Quiz for Women Entrepreneurs, where you uncover your hidden blocks to succeeding and leading and start shifting them in 10 minutes!

There are 15 statements in the Quiz. Choose the response to each one that fits where you are now in your business to find out where your subconscious has been blocking you most in three areas: Mindset, Visibility, and Profitability.

Two things:

  • If more than one answer to a statement fits you, choose the lowest number. (So if the descriptions that go with answers 2 and 1 both sound familiar, choose 1.) 

  • If none of the answers really fits you, go with the number that fits you best on a scale of 3—”I’m doing great and have no problems at all with this”—down to 1—”this is a huge problem for me.”

Okay, here we go…

I’m the best kept secret in my industry—
When I think about speaking from a stage, what comes to mind is—
My reaction when thinking about being one of the big thought leaders in my industry is:
There’s a cap on how much I can make in my business.
I should be doing videos to market my business, and—
When it comes to hiring a team (including employees and contractors)—
When I think about reaching a bigger audience, I think—
I struggle to ask for more money for what I do.
I have a book idea I know will support my marketing and take my business to the next level, and—
I often get in my own way, delaying taking action in getting myself or my product or service out there, until I have another training or certification?
I can’t count on having consistent income.
I sometimes have thoughts that I’m just not good enough. Or that I don’t deserve to be more successful.
I don’t manage my money very well. I seem to spend it as soon as I make it.
I don’t make as much as I know I’m capable of.
When it comes to making decisions for my business—
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