You did it! You took the Uncover Your Success Blocks Quiz. Yay, you!!

You took the first step to knowing where shifts on your part can really open up more success for you and for your business.

On this page (like the email you received), you can review what your three scores mean. Then you can watch and tap along with the videos to start shifting a common block in each area (click here to go straight to the videos).

First, let’s review:

The Three Categories of Success Blocks

  1. Mindset covers how you really see yourself subconsciously as a leader in your business. Do you know you deserve to have a successful business? Is it easy for you to make decisions? Do you have a great team to support you?
  2. Visibility is how you show up in your business. Do you let yourself speak and write powerfully? Do you get out there consistently on stage and on camera? Are you letting others see the real you, or are you hiding by trying to do things the “right” way?
  3. Profitability captures all things money. Are you making the kind of money your peers seem to bring in easily? Does money seem to go out as soon as it comes in? Do you have consistent income, or are you on a money rollercoaster?

What Your Scores Mean

Now take a look at where each of the scores you received when you took the quiz falls in the following ranges:

  • 13-15 You may have a small success block or two in an area where you score in this range. It’s possible that a bit of work releasing blocks in this area will improve your business’s success, but you’re already doing pretty well.

    If you’re where you want to be, give yourself a pat on the back and move on to a lower-scoring area. (Of course, for fun you could tap along with the video for this area—see below—just to see what comes up.)

  • 9-12 You definitely have some success blocks when you score in this range. You are able to make some progress in this area, but it comes at a price. It takes a fair amount of energy to move ahead. Sometimes it feels like you’re taking the proverbial “two steps forward, one step back.” You may also be avoiding some actions entirely that would be valuable to your business.

    Releasing blocks in this area could lead to significant breakthroughs. Use the corresponding Tap-Along video (below) to get started. It really doesn’t have to be this hard!

  • 5-8 You have multiple—or one or two seriously BIG— success blocks here that hold you and your business back. Significantly.

    While it’s possible you can find a work-around so you don’t hold your business back, you’ll have much greater success in your business by releasing your blocks in this area. Definitely tap along with the video (see below) for this low-scoring area. More than once. (Just sayin’.)

The fewer success blocks you have the higher your score and the easier it is to become more profitable, expand your visibility, and use your positive mindset to have the kind of success and impact you’re capable of.

So…what do you do to bring your scores up? 

Take Action! Tap Along With Me.

What I recommend—and what I use with all my clients—is Tapping to release success blocks.

Tapping (also called EFT) is a simple but powerful technique that shifts blocks. In fact, it’s the only way I’ve found to completely get rid of one.

That’s why I’ve created Tap-Along videos to start you shifting a common block in each of the three areas.

Each video first shows you how to tap. Then you just tap along with me and repeat what I say. (There are also tips in each video on how to take the Tapping further if you want to.)

One thing though: you actually have to Tap! Just watching a video and thinking about what I say won’t lead to any shifts. The magic’s in the Tapping.

Tap Along: Mindset Video

“I don’t deserve it” is perhaps the most common subconscious success block I’ve found in my clients—and it’s never true! Tap along with this video to shift that block.

Tap Along: Visibility Video

Feeling that being seen—in writing, on stage, in videos—is somehow dangerous is a very common success block. Even when you know that isn’t a logical, rational reaction. Tap along here to start releasing this block. 

Tap Along: Profitability Video

Quite often women entrepreneurs feel that making money has to be hard. That success block can totally stop you in your tracks from making you more money! The Profitability Tap-Along video is all about releasing that subconscious belief.

Tap along with one or more of these videos as often as you want. Pay attention to shifts in the ways you think, feel, or act over the next day or two. Then let me know what you notice. 

Happy Tapping!