Here are the Tap-Along videos that I created for you!


It looks like several of us have blocks around feeling like making money has to be hard. That can totally stop you in your tracks from making more money!

So the first tap-along video for Profitability blocks I’m sending is all about releasing the belief that making more money is too hard:

Profitability—Releasing the Drama Around Making Money

Here’s the next Profitability Tap-Along video. As requested, this one is about Releasing the Drama Around Making Money.

Profitability—I Can’t Ask For Money!

Here’s the third Profitability Tap-Along video. As requested, this one is about raising your rates.

Profitability—Releasing Patriarchal Money Rules

Money blocks that make us want to say “F^*% the Patriarchy” are the ones we tap on in this video.  As always, don’t stop with what’s in the video but continue tapping on what the words bring to mind.

Profitability—Money is Bad

Here is a “classic” from the vault—Money Is Bad.

Profitability—Your Cascade of Abundance

Tap along to allow in a Cascade of Abundance

Profitability—Feeling Frustrated and Impatient

Tap along for frustration and impatience at not having the money yet.

Profitability—What If the Money Dries Up?

When you worry that additional money that has come in will go away or dry up, tap along with this video.

Profitability—Tapping To Internalize Positive Money Statements

Tap along to internalize these fun positive money affirmations. It’s a bit of a departure from the usual tapping we do to release negative beliefs. Still, when you’ve released the negative (as you’ve been doing) it becomes easier to internalize the positive. And tapping always helps.


Get started with this video releasing the common success block that it’s not safe to be seen.

Visibility—I Don’t Look Good Enough

This video addresses that especially female bugaboo that can get in the way of being more visible: I Don’t Look Good Enough. (And no, it’s not at all true. It’s just your subconscious getting tiresome. Let’s change that.)

Visibility—What If I Screw It Up?

In this video you’ll tap on the fear that, if you get more visible, you’ll screw up. We all know we’ll screw up at times. Everyone does. We’re human after all. So let’s not let that fear hold us back.

Visibility—I Have To Have It All Together First

This visibility tap-along video will get you started releasing any blocks that have you feeling like you have to have everything planned, worked out, and perfect before you can become more visible.

Visibility—I’ll Become Too Successful

This Visibility Tap-Along video releases fears that, if you’re more visible, you’ll become too successful.

Visibility—No One Wants To Hear What I Have To Say

Use this Visibility Tap-Along video to talk back to that sneaky voice that can hold you back by saying “Nobody wants to hear what you have to say.”

Mindset—I’m Not Good Enough

Here’s a biggie: a Mindset tap-along audio (with a video introduction) to release feeling like you’re not good enough/not worthy/not deserving. This is perhaps the most common subconscious block I’ve seen in clients.

Mindset—I Have To Do It All

This Mindset tap-along video addresses a subconscious rule that women struggle with a lot more than men: “I have to do it all.”

Even if you really had to do everything when you were starting out, eventually that rule will hold you back. You can’t grow beyond a certain point if you’re doing everything.

So tap along once or twice to start releasing that old learning.

Mindset—That Critical Voice

This Mindset tap-along is about judging others—that voice in your head that criticizes other people doing what you’re doing.

This can feel like the opposite of negative self-talk, where you give yourself messages about how you are somehow not good enough. But even when you turn that negative voice outwards, you still give yourself a negative message that can hold you back.

So whenever you hear that critical voice in your head talking someone else down, start tapping.

Mindset—Stepping Into the Next Level You

In this Mindset tap-along video, you’re going to visualize stepping into the next level you. The video introduction tells you how to use visualization so it is as effective as possible. The audio only section that starts at 10:25 walks you through an actual visualization.

This video is one you can come back to every time you are ready to uplevel.