Here are the Tap-Along videos that I created for you!

Profitability—Making Money Is Too Hard

So the first tap-along video for Profitability blocks I’m sending is all about releasing the belief that making more money has to be too hard.

It looks like several of us have blocks around feeling like making money has to be hard. That can totally stop you in your tracks from making more money!

Profitability—Money is Bad

Your next Profitability tap-along video gets you started releasing a common block around the idea that money is bad. Or dirty. Or evil. Or not spiritual. Please use it as a starting point to release any old programming you have around this common block.

Profitability—I Don’t Deserve More Money

Tap along with the video one time, then go back and pause it at any point to tap on whatever is coming up for you. There are a number of issues touched on, any of which could be a springboard to get specific with your own issues.

Profitability—Your Cascade of Abundance

This next tap-along will help you to allow in Your Cascade of Abundance of money (and more).

It’s short, but if you do the nifty bonus exercise at the end, it will be even more powerful.

Profitability—Tapping To Internalize Positive Money Statements

Usually, we tap to release negative beliefs and fears. Releasing the negative is Tapping’s biggest strength. When you’ve brought the charge of a negative down far enough though, you can introduce a positive statement. Using the tapping while saying the positive will continue to whittle away at any negative that’s left in your subconscious.

Visibility—Uncover Your Success Blocks

Here’s a tap-along on perhaps the most common Visibility block there is—that it’s not safe to be seen. There are numerous aspects to this block, but start with this tap-along to get going on releasing that fear.

Profitability—I Can’t Ask For Money!

This tap-along video is all about releasing blocks to asking for money, or asking for more money. Women especially can have difficulty asking for money. It can be compounded when they are a helper and feel called to help others who really need what they offer. So in this video, you’ll tap on feeling like you can’t ask for money—or more money—whether that’s payment for helping someone in need or raising your rates or… something else.

Visibility—Fear of Being Physically Attacked

The fear of being physically attacked limits far too many women.

Tap along to lower this fear to a level where it doesn’t keep you from getting out in the ways you need to. (Please do not use it to tap on a trauma or any memory that triggers you or overwhelms you. Bring that to me.)

Profitability—Raising Your Money Ceiling

Here’s that older Tap-Along to raise your money ceiling I promised:

It’s very similar to what we did together, but it focuses on monthly income instead of yearly. Feel free to do either monthly or yearly, or both.

Visibility—I Don’t Look Good Enough

Here’s a tap-along for an all-too-common block to stepping out onto a bigger stage for women: I Don’t Look Good Enough.

Please tap along to it until that thought has no power over you any more!

Mindset—I’m Not Good Enough

Here’s a biggie: a Mindset tap-along audio (with a video introduction) to release feeling like you’re not good enough/not worthy/not deserving.

This is perhaps the most common subconscious block I’ve seen in clients.

Use it as a springboard for tapping multiple times to address lots of different ages.

Mindset—I Have To Do It All

This Mindset tap-along video addresses a subconscious rule that women struggle with a lot more than men: “I have to do it all.”

Even if you really had to do everything when you were starting out, eventually that rule will hold you back. You can’t grow beyond a certain point if you’re doing everything.

So tap along once or twice to start releasing that old learning.