Now that you’ve identified where your subconscious has been holding you back—and maybe have some ideas where your success blocks came from—what do you do?

By now you know my answer. I want you to tap and release your blocks so you can have the breakthroughs that you’re capable of. 

Watch the video to see what’s possible, even if nothing else has worked before.

If you need more tapping beyond the free Tap-Along videos that you got with the Quiz, I’d love to work with you. (If I’m not the right fit, please please please find someone else to guide you through a process to release your blocks.)

But I know that sometimes people stay on the fence, not quite ready to reach out and get help because they’re scared they’ll let themselves down again.

That they won’t do it right.

That they’re not good enough. 

So rather than risk that kind of disappointment, they ignore what’s going on and just keep plugging along the way they always have. Getting the same results.

If that sounds familiar, please take a minute. 

Think about it.

What’s going to happen if you don’t release your success blocks? If you ignore what you’ve learned? 

Want the short answer? 


Nothing will happen. 

You’ll stay where you are. Moving at the same, slow pace.

Not doing what you’re here to do at the level you know you’re meant to.

[I’ve been there. Man, do I know how frustrating that is!]

You’ll have to keep pushing yourself to get results—which can do a number on your energy, your health, and your relationships.

You won’t have what you could have had, whether that’s a nicer home or more travel.  

You won’t be able to do as much for the people and causes that matter most to you. 

All those people you could have helped? They won’t get the experiences or transformations you would have brought them.

And, at the end of your life, you’ll look back with the biggest regret there is—not having lived the life you were meant to live

[Deep breath.]

You deserve better.

The people you could reach deserve better.

I’m here to fight for you. And them. Because this is important.

You matter. 

Your purpose matters. 

You are the only person with your unique vision and your unique way of doing what you do.

And you are here to do bigger things.

Reach out. Let ‘s talk about your biggest challenge to being as successful as you could be. 

And how Tapping can change that.

Because it’s time to be as successful as you can be.

I’m rooting for you.