Family and Friends — To Keep or Not to Keep

On Thanksgiving, the LA Times ran an article by two professors -- one from Harvard Medical School, the other from UC San Diego -- touting the importance of keeping everyone in your social network of friends and family, even those who are demanding or get you angry. As evidence, the professors point out that, while … Continue reading Family and Friends — To Keep or Not to Keep

Food and Family Stress

I read an article on food and family stress in the New York Times last week. It was full of stories of families fighting over food at the holidays: a mother berating an overweight daughter for eating too much; a grandmother criticizing a grandson for eating too little; a father trying to keep everyone from … Continue reading Food and Family Stress

Deep Breathing for Stress: Not for Asthmatics

Earlier this week the New York Times ran an article entitled "A Breathing Technique Offers Help For People With Asthma." Since deep, diaphragmatic breathing exercises are one of my favorite, and easy, ways to help people release stress, I was very interested. I figured that, since diaphragmatic breathing was so effective at relaxing people, the … Continue reading Deep Breathing for Stress: Not for Asthmatics

Plan Now to Limit Holiday Stress

Happy Halloween! The ghosts and goblins (jedi and fairies mostly this year, actually) are parading past my door now, reminding me that the holiday season has arrived! Turkey dinners with all the trimmings, trips to see Santa, office parties, holidays of all persuasions spent with family. For some, November through December is a magical season. … Continue reading Plan Now to Limit Holiday Stress

Luck and the Stressed Out Person

I recently read a 2003 article on a study of lucky v. unlucky people. Among the conclusions the researcher reached were a few that stuck out for me: (i) both lucky and unlucky people create their own "luck," good or bad; (ii) lucky people notice more, and so discover more good things to take … Continue reading Luck and the Stressed Out Person

Sleeping Despite Stress

"Jack" (whose name I've changed for confidentiality reasons), a solo attorney, has been working on a big case for over a year. He's up against one of the big law firms in his city, and the stress from feeling ganged up on has been building as the trial got closer. Last week Jack told me … Continue reading Sleeping Despite Stress

Getting Rid of Unreasonable Fears Fast

A client of mine was thrown for a loop this week when he had back-to-back calls from a friend and a relative. Both callers expressed doubts about his plan to take his business in a new direction. The extreme stress he felt from those calls almost derailed his plan completely. My client had determined that … Continue reading Getting Rid of Unreasonable Fears Fast