5 tips to set yourself up for a successful interview

Interviews can be stressful for people under the best of circumstances. But with fewer jobs out there, the perception that no one is hiring, and the very real possibility of going months before getting even one interview, many interviewees are putting added stress on themselves. Ironically this added stress is likely to undercut their performance at interviews, even for people who used to sail through the interview process in the past.

interveiw handshake
Interview time!

So if this sounds like you, what can you do about it? Actually, there are plenty of things you can do.

In this post we’ll look at what you can do before the interview to set yourself up to walk in feeling ready for anything they throw at you.

In my next post we’ll go over some tools you can use during the interview if you find yourself rattled, losing your focus, or just not at your best. Continue reading “5 tips to set yourself up for a successful interview”