Now that the Quiz showed you where you’re (subconsciously) holding your business back, you might be feeling a tad upset.

Or maybe downright mad at yourself.

After all, you’ve got this idea—this vision—of something bigger you could accomplish. 

You’ve worked so hard. Sweated blood. Built so much. 

But you’re still not there.

It’s all your fault. Right?

Now hold on there! 

It is NOT your fault


How do I know? Well, I’ve released subconscious success blocks from enough clients over the past fifteen years to know where they come from. 

And they NEVER come from any sort of moral failing. Or character flaw.

Instead, there are three main reasons you develop a success block

  1. An important person gives you an explicit message that goes straight into your subconscious. (Remember Rita’s stepfather?)
  2. You make sense of what’s going on around you at age four—or twelve, or whatever age—and internalize your immature understanding. Or,
  3. Something traumatic happens to you, like a rejection, an accident, or a divorce. You start believing that this is just the way life works. Or it’s what happens to you. Or people always … Or you never … 

I tell you about where some clients’ success blocks came from—like Elle, who could never get ahead with money—and what happened when we released them in this video:

Please understand: when you internalized your success block, you were doing the best you could to make sense of what was going on with the information, knowledge, and wisdom you had at that time

You were doing the best you could to do the right thing.

To be loved.

To keep yourself safe.

And your subconscious is still trying to protect you. 

So don’t get mad at yourself. Or at your subconscious. 

There’s no point to it, really. Getting mad won’t change anything.

Neither will trying to be rational and logical with it.

Or using willpower—at least not for long.

The only way I’ve found to change subconscious success blocks is to use Tapping. 

With Tapping we can get rid of success blocks. For good.

Then you can have the success you’re capable of without holding yourself back.


So no beating yourself up over your blocks, okay?! Instead, do some . . .

Happy Tapping!