Here are two free tap-along videos showing you how to use EFT to reduce resistance to taking action. Use these techniques to break through your blocks whenever you find you’re holding yourself back.

Video 1: Tap to Take Action

In this video, you will do two types of Tapping to lower your resistance to taking action. On anything.

Video 2: Tap to Release the Subconscious Belief that You Have to Take Care of Everyone Else First

In this video you will start to release a common subconscious block many women struggle with when they want to do something for themselves—whether that’s exercise, or market their business, or write a book, or rest, or really anything. Many of us have internalized that it is our job to make sure everyone else is okay. Not only is that impossible, it gets in the way of doing what we’re really meant to do. 

This block can be one of the underlying causes of procrastination for women. So let’s release it with some tapping!