A very special thanks to everyone who has invited me to be a guest on their podcast! I appreciate every opportunity to help women entrepreneurs reach the next level.

And if you think I might be a good guest for your podcast, or want to recommend a podcast that you think I would be a good guest for, please let me know.

Hire & Empower podcast logo

Hire & Empower
hosted by Molly McGrath

Episode: Success Blocks Holding Entrepreneurs Back

About Hire & Empower: “This podcast is dedicated to providing the key ingredients to transform your employees into a dream team that creates consistent results in every aspect of the business including; team empowerment, leadership, business development, communication hiring, and firing.”

Open Up & Speak!
hosted by Andrea Veasey

Episode: Nancy Linnerooth- EFT Coaching for Mental Health Relief

About Open Up & Speak: “Life is full of adversity, challenges and hard times…Join Andrea Veasey as she welcomes those who are willing to Open Up and Speak about their obstacles and the road to healing, forgiveness and a better life…. The purpose is to bring awareness and compassion to the struggles we all face daily. Breaking the stigma and delivering social consciousness to those who are willing to listen.”

Better Call Daddy
hosted by Reena Friedman Watts

Episode: Tapping on EFT’s Door

About About Better Call Daddy: Better Call Daddy is for people who love stories. Hosted by the talented Reena Friedman Watts, everyone from influential players to phone sex workers are featured on the show. Nothing is censored here. Each episode, Reena will interview a person of interest, and her father will chime in with his advice afterwards.”

About Conversations About Closets: “Kia Ora, I’m Erin Keam from erinkeam.com. If you want clarity in your life and confidence in your closet, I’m here to help. In winter 2020, I was hit hard with SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder). My coach told me to call a woman I didn’t know every day… and turn that into a podcast, showcasing what they do. Some days were a struggle to pick up the phone, other (sunny) days I was on fire…but ALL my guests are amazing.”

About Sales Maven Podcast: “It’s a no sleaze, no slime, and no stress approach to building your business.”

Magnify Your Miracles
hosted by Frances Fayden

Episode: Unblock Your Money Miracle with EFT Specialist Nancy Linnerooth

About Magnify Your Miracles: “Each Wednesday, join Rev. Frances Fayden, a long-time Spiritual Entrepreneur & Interfaith Minister, as she shares miraculous stories, messages, meditations, book reviews and interviews to help you stay in the highest vibration possible!”

Loving Yourself Podcast
hosted by Jenny Rice

“In this Loving Yourself Podcast, Nancy Linnerooth shares her story on how she found tapping after years of being a litigator and therapist. Now she works with business owners to help them not only be accountable for their progress, but help them release their limiting beliefs. She shares some great stories about how three business owners had different limiting beliefs that originated in both child and adulthood and how their businesses shifted after releasing their limiting beliefs.”

More speaking appearances (online and in person):

  • International HSP Center
  • The Sage Sisters Workshop
  • Delivering Dreams Facebook Group
  • Women Interested In Leaving Law
  • NW Ladies In Business Small Business Success Series
  • Women Business Owners Business Education Workshop
  • NorthWest Tappers Gathering
  • Lady Bosses September Gathering
  • Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Networking Meeting