Fast Track Day: February 16th, 2023 from 10am – 3pm EST (New York)

Ready to reach the next level in your business faster? Much faster?!

You’re Invited! Watch the video to find out more:

You’ve probably heard it before: you have to BE the next-level-you first in order to DO the things that will give you what you want to HAVE.

Be-Do-Have. Easy to say. Not so easy to actually accomplish.

So let’s do it together!

If you’re curious about how to transform your internal identity so you can be the next-level business owner you want to be now, come join us. In this (free) working session:

  • We’ll go through a process together to visualize the new identity that will get you to the next level in your business.
  • You’ll identify specific subconscious blocks that are keeping you from embracing that new identity.
  • Then, using EFT, we’ll tap and release those blocks together.
  • We’ll map out your next steps to fully step into your new internal identity.
  • You’ll get to meet other amazing women who are working on their mindsets to grow their businesses.

Once you change how you really see yourself, you’ll be able to get to the next level in your business soooooo much quicker.

Click here to register. This inaugural Fast Track Day will be free.

Fast Track Day

Fast Track Day:
February 16, 2023
10 am to 3 pm EST (New York)
9 am to 2 pm CST (Chicago)
8 am to 1 pm MST (Denver)
7 am to noon PST (Los Angeles)
(Check your email for the link)

Can’t wait to see you there!