Procrastinating Because You’re Nervous? Use Buddha Hands.

If you procrastinate doing something because you know you’ll get anxious, try Buddha Hands.

This technique uses subtle tapping points. You can use it in any situation where you might get nervous, like

  • In an interview
  • Giving a speech, or
  • Going on a blind date.

No one will notice. And it will lower your anxiety right there. Watch the video to see how to do it.

If you want to stop procrastinating once and for all and start living the life you are meant to, email me. We’ll set up a call to talk about what’s going on with you and see if I can help.

How to Get More Confident in 10 Minutes or Less (video)

Do you find that a case of nerves can get in the way of going after what you want sometimes? Then this week’s technique can help.

Usually I use Tapping with clients to get rid of their deep-seated blocks to creating the life they want. But it’s not the only trick I have up my sleeve!

Do this  simple technique when you’re just a little nervous about something and you will feel more confident in minutes. Watch the video now:


When you’re nervous you can’t think at your best or be as convincing or appealing as you are when you are confident, whether you’re giving a presentation at work or going on a date. Try this technique out next time you’ve got a case of the jitters and see what a difference it makes.

The Best Way to Prepare for a High-Pressure Event

One of my clients, “Angie,” is making an important presentation this week. It’s high profile, and she would like to impress a number of higher-ups in her company who are attending. This is a great opportunity, and it comes with a lot of stress. Now I know Angie. She will come through this experience with flying colors, presenting her information in a clear way, fielding all the questions with ease, displaying her knowledge and ability beautifully. She thrives in high-stakes situations.

Compare her experience with that of another client I spoke to this week. “Barbara” told me about a high-pressure opportunity she had two years ago to show what she could do. She took the LSAT, the test would-be lawyers take before applying to law schools. She’s smart, motivated and really will be a good lawyer in time. But when she took that test she was too stressed to demonstrate any of that well, and her score showed it.

Do you stress-out preparing for important events? Don’t. Do the opposite.

What do you do right before an important “performance?” Continue reading “The Best Way to Prepare for a High-Pressure Event”

What are the top ten worst fears?

I read a fun article the other day describing ten of the worst fears Americans have. For those of you who want to skip to the chase, here’s the list:

  • Dentists
  • Dogs
  • Flying
  • Thunder and lightning
  • The dark
  • Heights
  • Being around people other than family (including speaking in front of groups)
  • Specific places, like elevators, sports arenas, bridges, shopping malls,
  • Spiders, and
  • Snakes
Fear of public speaking
public speaking: one of the top 10 phobias

The article gives all sorts of possible reasons someone might develop such an irrational fear. I’ve worked on a number of them. The interesting thing to me is that, no matter what someone is afraid of, what caused the fear, or how long it’s been tormenting them, the tapping I use can root it out.

I actually enjoy working with clients on their irrational fears. Usually, it doesn’t take very long to find out where the fear came from and get rid of it. We start by tapping on the thought of whatever bothers them — whether it is a critter, an activity, a place, or something else — and pretty soon their brain kicks up a memory that is related to their fear. Sometimes taking care of that one memory is all we need to do; sometimes there is more than one event that we have to tap on. Either way, I always enjoy that look of wonder on my client’s face when we finish and they can’t make themselves afraid of the thing that had given them the screaming meemies before, no matter how hard they try.