What are the top ten worst fears?

I read a fun article the other day describing ten of the worst fears Americans have. For those of you who want to skip to the chase, here’s the list:

  • Dentists
  • Dogs
  • Flying
  • Thunder and lightning
  • The dark
  • Heights
  • Being around people other than family (including speaking in front of groups)
  • Specific places, like elevators, sports arenas, bridges, shopping malls,
  • Spiders, and
  • Snakes
Fear of public speaking
public speaking: one of the top 10 phobias

The article gives all sorts of possible reasons someone might develop such an irrational fear. I’ve worked on a number of them. The interesting thing to me is that, no matter what someone is afraid of, what caused the fear, or how long it’s been tormenting them, the tapping I use can root it out.

I actually enjoy working with clients on their irrational fears. Usually, it doesn’t take very long to find out where the fear came from and get rid of it. We start by tapping on the thought of whatever bothers them — whether it is a critter, an activity, a place, or something else — and pretty soon their brain kicks up a memory that is related to their fear. Sometimes taking care of that one memory is all we need to do; sometimes there is more than one event that we have to tap on. Either way, I always enjoy that look of wonder on my client’s face when we finish and they can’t make themselves afraid of the thing that had given them the screaming meemies before, no matter how hard they try.

Fear of Flying and Heights — Gone in One Session

I just wanted to put up a short post about a couple of late holiday “gifts” I received recently. One was helping a client get rid of her fear of flying in an 86-minute session. Of course, we won’t know that her fear is entirely gone until she actually gets on a plane, but she went from being quite tense when she spoke about things like turbulence and the feeling of loss of control while sitting in her seat to not being able to find any stress at all, even when she closed her eyes and thought about the worst flight she could ever imagine. I can’t wait to hear how her mid-winter vacation goes.


My second gift was helping another client over her fear of heights in less than an hour. Actually, we’d taken the edge off her fear a few months ago when I introduced a group to the basics of this tapping technique I use. Just that brief amount of time (maybe 15 minutes) was enough to help her be able to cross an icy pedestrian bridge over traffic in windy weather at night without even thinking about it. Before the group, crossing this same bridge on a warm and windless day had her white knuckled and looking straight ahead while trying to get over the bridge as fast as possible.

This time, with a full hour to work together, we got rid of each of the different sensations of fear of looking out of a window in a tall building as they came up. She went from holding her entire body away from the window while looking out (not down) to sticking her head out of the open window and looking straight down at the traffic over twenty stories below us without feeling any fear at all. She kept expecting the fear to come back, but it didn’t.

I never know if someone’s fear will go away in just a session, like these did, or if we will have to do more detective work to find out what is at the base of a fear. Still, it’s wonderful to help my clients to get rid of these kinds of restrictive fears. And it’s just plain fun when it happens so fast.

If you would like to try getting rid of a fear like this on your own, check out my Quick Start Guide to Tapping.

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