Activating Sales Confidence

If You Feel Like You Can’t—or Shouldn’t—Sell During These Times . . . Relief Is Here!

If you are self-employed and struggling during these times to make an offer or close a sale, please know that you are not alone!

So many of us are holding ourselves back, feeling like we shouldn’t be selling. Like no-one has money to buy from us right now. That if we try to sell anything, we’ll come off as slimy, sales-y, mercenary scumbags trying to take advantage of other people.

And yet

. . .

You have to sell. Not only do you need to feed yourself and your family and keep a roof over your head, sales is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, when this is all over you won’t have that business you’ve worked so hard for.

And there are still people with money out there—People who need and want exactly what you offer!

Of course, even knowing all that, it can still be hard to push past those messages playing in your head.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. It can actually feel good—and easy—to sell. Right now! All you have to do is use some different sales approaches and get rid of those negative messages that have been holding you back.

I’ve been through this. I struggled with those same negative messages. So I did two things.  

First, using my experience as both an EFT/Tapping Specialist and an attorney, I’ve come up with ways to tap on the messages that have been holding me, my clients, and my friends back from getting our services and products out there. 

(Tapping is the powerful technique I’ve used for years to get rid of what causes my clients to procrastinate. Not push through procrastination. Get rid of the cause of it!)

Second, I’ve collected gentle, “non-salesy” ways to sell in these times. 

Now I’m getting those ways and the Tapping I created out for other self-employed people who have been struggling to make offers, talking themselves out of selling. It’s priced so you can get what you need.

Right now.

We’ll meet four Fridays, starting April 24th. I’ll take you through the Tapping I’ve created to release messages we’ve been telling ourselves, like:
• No one is buying right now.
• Everyone is struggling with money.
• People will think I’m taking advantage of them.
• Everyone’s selling online now. I can’t possibly stand out.
• I’m going to miss out and be left behind.
• And more.

I will take suggestions from everyone for additional messages to Tap on, so you can ask for exactly what you need.

And, at each session, I’ll also share those gentle ways to sell.

The sessions will be live, but I’ll record them so if you have to miss one you can still tap along with the recording later. In fact, you can repeat any of the recordings you want as many times as you want.

As I said, this is priced so that people who need it can have it now—only $97 for everything.

Please join us. We’ll tap and release the messages that have been holding you and your business back.

The world needs you. Now more than ever!

Business owners come to Nancy Linnerooth, Procrastination Coach and EFT (or “Tapping”) Specialist, to uncover and release their subconscious blocks to creating the business—and life—they are meant to have. Using Tapping, she gets rid of blocks that lead to procrastination, avoidance, self-sabotage, and money problems. And when those blocks are gone they are gone for good. Nancy comes to this work with a masters degree and over 17 years experience as a talk-therapist, and 9 years as an attorney with a degree from Harvard Law School.