Interview with Nancy

Nancy Linnerooth On Unblocking Results

How long have you been getting rid of people’s procrastination, and how did you get to be an expert in it?

I’ve been helping people change both as a therapist since 1999 and as a coach since 2000, but I’d been struggling with my own procrastination (and other kinds of blocks) long before that.

When I was growing up I wanted to be a psychologist like Bob Newhart, the guy on the TV show unhappy people talked to. That called to me. I wanted to fix everyone, to help them find a way to be happy.

Nancy LinneroothI wanted to know everything there was to know about what Bob did, so right before going to college I picked a psychiatrist out of the phone book and called him. (I wasn’t completely clear on the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist.) The guy was seriously unhappy. He told me his job was awful. That I should never become a psychiatrist. That it was the worst decision he ever made.

And I listened to him. I didn’t trust myself. Why would I? I was 17 years old. What did I know about the real world? So I went to college without a plan, without a backup career. By my senior year I was adrift. I mean, what do you do when you’ve majored in English?

A career interest assessment told me to become a lawyer so I went to law school. Everyone else thought it was a brilliant career move. From the outside I had it all: a diploma from Harvard Law School on the wall; a nice condo; a career my parents could brag about; a lovely income. And I was miserable. For nine years.

Finally it got so bad I got out. To the bafflement of family and friends, I went back to school and became a therapist. I was finally starting to answer my calling. But it wasn’t quite my calling. I wanted to help people feel better than just “okay.” I wanted them to feel happy and fulfilled. And insurance companies just won’t pay for that.

So I added coaching as a side business, first helping people with career change, then with growing their businesses. I was fascinated by the ways my clients held themselves back not just from doing what they knew they needed to do to create a better life and business, but also from what they actually wanted to do.

I found that sheer willpower usually wasn’t enough to get them unstuck. Even understanding why they were acting against their own interests usually wasn’t enough. I tried all sorts of traditional coaching approaches like setting goals, writing out action plans, being held accountable, and a host of techniques from the therapy world. Some worked sometimes, but often clients would slide back into their old habits.

Then I came across tapping at a therapy training. It worked so much better than the more traditional therapeutic approaches that it was actually startling to see how fast my therapy clients started feeling better and making changes in their lives.

So I started using it with my coaching clients, too. First I used it on mental blocks to success I knew were likely to go away fast, like fear of flying or public speaking. These sometimes went away in just one session! The more I saw how quickly clients were making big changes, the more bold I was in offering it for problems from procrastination to avoidance to overwhelm.

I learned as much as I could, reading, taking classes, and meeting and working with other tapping practitioners. The more I used the tapping techniques, the more I honed them to work for my clients, and the faster I got rid of my clients’ blocks.

Strangely enough, it actually took me years to recognize that I had my own blocks that were keeping me playing small in my business. I kept thinking my real problem was lack of knowledge. Or lack of motivation. Maybe I was just lazy. Or maybe I wasn’t really a business person. Over time, though, I realized that I had blocks just like my clients. So I started working on myself, too.

Believe me, I had a lot of blocks to get rid of: blocks around succeeding, being allowed to follow my calling, having enough time, having more money, stepping out and really being seen by people. I even had some blocks I seemed to inherit from my grandparents!

Out of my clients’ and my own experiences, I developed an approach that identifies and gets rid of mental blocks fast. Now my clients don’t need to spend years like I did learning how to get unstuck and step into the lives they are meant to live.

What do you do that’s different from other coaches?

Most coaches focus on your motivation and your plan to reach your big goal. They don’t know what to do if you are highly motivated, you know what to do, and you still don’t take action or even sabotage yourself. They don’t have an explanation for why that happens, let alone a method to change it. I do.

Yes, I can and do help you get clear on your motivation and your big goal, make a plan to get you there, and hold you accountable, making sure you are taking action on your plan. But I go further. I uncover what is going on below the surface that is keeping you from fully going after the life you want.

More than that, I teach you a way to help yourself whenever a block shows up. And I personally guide you through a process to get rid of blocks that cause procrastination so you never have to deal with them again.

How do you get get rid of those blocks?

Primarily I use tapping (which is formally called “EFT”), and an advanced form of tapping called Matrix Reimprinting. Tapping is a technique in which you tap on acupressure points on your head, face, body and hands. Matrix Reimprinting combines tapping points with visualization to “change” memories. It’s even more powerful than tapping.

For example, if you have some ”old programming” from earlier in your life that made you feel didn’t deserve to make more than $50,000 per year, that might block you from asking for a raise at work, or raising your rates if you have a business. Once we identified that programming, we would track down where it came from and either tap or use Matrix Reimprinting until it no longer had any influence over you.

It sounds kind of strange, but the techniques are fast and they just work which is why I use them.

How do they work?

No idea. When I first heard about tapping, I thought it was the wackiest bit of hooey I had ever come across. If it hadn’t been recommended by a highly respected teacher in the therapy world, I never would have tried it. And if I hadn’t had such amazing results when I tried it with my therapy clients, I never would have studied it or brought it to my coaching clients.

When I heard of Matrix Reimprinting, I thought it was even more ridiculous. But it worked even better than tapping alone on many kinds of blocks, so I learned it, too.

There is some evidence from Western science that manipulating acupressure points—with needles, tapping or rubbing—sends a signal to the mid-part of the brain (the amygdala) of safety and calm. I’m simplifying a bit, but that seems to interrupt the emotional reaction that gets triggered when someone tries to act in a way that contradicts some of the subconscious old programming they have about what they are allowed to do. But how it all really works is still mostly a mystery.

I’m a pragmatist. If it works, I’ll use it no matter how wacky it sounds. That’s why I use these techniques with all my clients now.

I’ve heard of people who’ve tried tapping and it didn’t work.

Yes, that can happen, especially with a practitioner who is out of their depth. Tapping looks deceptively simple: just tap on those acupoints while talking about what’s bothering you. But there’s a lot of nuance, a lot of different approaches to try that someone who only spent an afternoon or even a few days taking a class on tapping simply won’t know to use.

It’s even worse when someone tries tapping along with a two-minute YouTube video. Tapping is so powerful that sometimes that actually works. But often the viewer tries it once and it doesn’t work. Then they decide tapping doesn’t work at all. That’s not true, it’s just that the video never addressed what was driving their block.

I’ve found that most mental blocks are unique to each individual client. We really need to dig down to get at what is specifically driving their block to get rid of it. Simply tapping on what’s happening on the surface, which is what YouTube videos do, often doesn’t lead to lasting change.

Who do you work with and what kinds of blocks do they have?

I work with adults who are stuck and are ready to do the work to create significant change in at least one area of their lives, whether that’s in their work, family relationships, money, whatever. People have come to me with a lot of different blocks:

  • I’ve unblocked business owners on a lot of issues, including difficulty getting themselves to make decisions, send out the bills, make cold calls, sell, or even start businesses they’ve dreamed of for years.
  • I’ve gotten rid of blocks that kept people from going after what they want in their career, whether that’s public speaking, making a transition to a career they’ve always wanted, leaving a toxic work environment, speaking up to their boss, or something else.
  • I’ve unblocked clients who were stuck in their personal lives, from allowing themselves to enjoy their kids to deciding whether to leave a romantic relationship to letting themselves go on vacation.
  • I’ve released blocks to making more money for clients that come from all kinds of sources.
  • I’ve gotten clients to stop a pattern of sabotaging themselves whenever they seemed about to get what they wanted.

Really, if someone knows what they want, they know what they need to do to get it, and yet something always seems to keep them from following through—whether that looks like procrastination, self-sabotage, or just avoidance—I fix that.

Who don’t you work with?

Well, you really have to have an open mind about using tapping and Matrix Reimprinting. I haven’t found any other approaches nearly as effective or fast at clearing out blocks. So I just won’t waste my time or anyone else’s trying to get rid of mental blocks without using those techniques.

Also, I don’t do therapy with my clients. If someone comes to me struggling with depression, PTSD or some other emotional illness, or an emotional illness comes up while we are working together, I will insist they find a therapist. Having said that, I am willing to work with them on their mental blocks as long as they are seeing their therapist, too.

How would we work together?

I have four programs. With each program I send valuable tools to help you move faster. You learn techniques to use on your own. And each program gives you one-­on­-one time with me during which we spend most of our time tapping to get rid of your blocks completely so you never have to deal with them again.

BlockBuster VIP Transformation is for someone who is frustrated and fed up in one area of their life. Something has to change, and it has to change now! And they are willing to work intensively to make it happen. We spend two half-days together meeting virtually, diving deep. They leave with a roadmap to deliver the changes they want to make in their life. Then, we’ll meet virtually over three follow-up one-hour sessions to keep them on track.

BlockBuster Mastery Program is a six-month program with three sessions each month for someone who is committed to creating the life they want in all areas of their life and wants support while they make that happen. This program provides the best results across all the areas of your life. There’s more time to get rid of blocks and more support over time to make the changes you want.

BlockBuster Boot Camp is a 10-week, six session program. Clients can schedule those six sessions any way they want. So they can spread them out, or front-load them—whatever way suits them best. The Boot Camp is for someone who wants to create big change by getting rid of a block in one area of their life.

I also have the Block Eraser Program, which is for clients who have completed one of the other programs and wish to continue meeting with me a couple times a month to keep on track creating their new lives.

Can I just buy a couple of sessions on the Block Eraser Program to try it out?

Sorry. That program is not for those who haven’t worked with me before. There’s just too much learning and work to be done to get you moving. It wouldn’t be right for me to offer just two or three sessions as I’ve learned that isn’t what works best for clients.

If you think about it, how many years have you been stuck, doing the same thing that’s not working? It’s not realistic that you’ll be able to identify what is keeping you stuck, eliminate it, then get rid of old habits and establish new ones in just a session or two.

When you understand the need to go through a process, you won’t get discouraged and stop before you get the change you’ve been seeking. We will have enough time to really dig down and get rid of the root of a problem and then create new habits that get you strong, lasting results.

Do the programs work?

Most definitely yes! I have seen the most amazing transformations in my clients. I’ve had them look at me in utter disbelief as a problem or feeling they’ve struggled with for decades is just gone, and they can’t get it back no matter how hard they try. And I’ve seen clients easily take actions that were impossible for them to even think about before we started working together. It’s why I love doing what I do!

How long does it take?

I can’t predict how long it will take to completely extinguish any specific block a client brings to me. Every block is unique, based on the client’s personality, background and life experiences.

Sometimes a client will have a block which has just one event supporting it, and that block can be eliminated in just one hour. That’s a lot of fun.

More often a client struggles with a block that has been reinforced by family, friends and life events over many years. This can take longer. I just don’t know before I start working with someone where on the spectrum they are (although I often have a good guess).

What I can say is that the techniques I use are the quickest and most long-lasting I’ve come across in both the fields of personal development and the world of therapy. And when a block that was holding you back in one area of your life is eliminated, it is gone from all the areas of your life.

What’s more, as I’ve started whittling away at more deep-seated blocks with a client, they’ve found they can make changes more easily, even before the block is completely gone. They start seeing changes in themselves and their life long before we’ve completed the work on a block.

Can I contact any of your former clients to find out what it’s like to work with you?

Yes, please do! Go to the Client Testimonials page and read them. See which ones appeal to you. Then feel free to email or call them to ask about what they got from working with me.

I would love to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I talk to you?

Absolutely. Just click on the “Book a Call” button below or email me and we will set up a get-acquainted call. I’d love to hear about you and your situation and see if I can help.