I’m dropping in to make sure you’ve heard about the Reclaim Your-Self Summit starting on Sunday.

Nithya Karia is hosting this seven-part virtual event in which she interviews eight women entrepreneurs (hey, I’m one of them!) on strategies to support different pillars of your life—like your space, your well-being at work, your family flow—to create a life that supports you.

The pillar Nithya and I cover is Reclaiming Your Power. We talk about using EFT to release your subconscious blocks (such a surprise, I know) so you can take yourself to the next level. I do a round of tapping during the interview that you can tap along with.

It starts this Sunday, February 19th, which is just two days from now, so grab your free ticket now at https://www.reclaimingyour-self.com/ .

Let me know if you need any help with the registration.

Happy Tapping!

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