Sara was triggered by the old adage “It’s lonely at the top.” And it was taking energy away from upleveling her team and the international launch of her third book (the one I’m a featured expert in).

Watch a session with someone who has already done a lot of Tapping.

Sara Connell is a published author and the owner of a seven-figure business empowering leaders to become bestselling authors and in-demand speakers.

In less than 16 minutes of Tapping, Sara—who has a lot of experience with Tapping—went from feeling triggered by “It’s lonely at the top” to being excited knowing that “It’s a party at the top!”

This is how fast change can happen with Tapping, especially for an existing client who has already done a lot of internal work.

This is the second in a series of short sessions I’ve recorded with women entrepreneurs in different fields and on different issues to share with you. In them, you get to see various ways I use Tapping to release subconscious success blocks.

Feel free to tap along with the recordings. That can be a way to release similar blocks of your own.

To explore releasing your own subconscious success blocks with me, just send me an email. We’ll set up a time to talk about what’s going on with you and see if there’s a fit with the Tapping I do.

Happy Tapping!


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