If you’ve been on the fence, wondering what it would be like to work with me, it’s time to hop off.

I’m donating coaching time to the WLA Coachathon, which happens November 18th.

That means you can have a 45-minute session with me for only £25.

And your money goes to a wonderful cause, giving microloans to women in Africa to start businesses and work their way out of poverty. (I LOVE microloans!)

So this is a great time to try out some Tapping on anything you’d like. See how it works. See what it does for you.

As you know by now, I’m an EFT/Tapping Expert for business owners, getting rid of what holds them back from their next breakthrough in terms of money, clients and impact.

So I’m listed in the Business Coaching section on the Coachathon site.

But you don’t have to work on blocks to your business. Heck, you don’t even have to have a business! (If you don’t tell, I won’t.)

You can work with me on a block to having more money. On something you’re procrastinating doing. On something that just stresses you out. Pretty much anything.

And if I’m not your gal, there are a ton of other coaches involved. Find one who calls to you.

Here’s the link for more information on the Coachathon: https://sandragreen.lpages.co/wla-coachathon/

If you are interested—or just have some questions—reach out to me at Nancy@UnblockResults.com.

It’s fun—and you’ll be surprised at how much we can shift in 45 minutes.

Happy Tapping!


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