I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all the emails about the pandemic. So this is going to be about something completely different.

Right before the world changed, I was interviewed by Rev. Frances Fayden for her podcast Magnify Your Miracles. That month she was talking about money, so we focused on the work I do around releasing blocks to having and keeping more money.

I really enjoyed our conversation. (Thank you, Frances!) We covered a lot of ground. We talked about:
• The relationship between procrastination and money blocks,
• Why women seem to develop more money blocks than men,
• What money blocks look like, and
• How I get rid of those blocks with my clients.

Have a look at the YouTube video of the interview:

Just so you know, during the interview I mentioned that I would be starting a Money Blocks BlockBuster Group in April. However, after recording the podcast, the world changed. I put those plans on hold so I could give free Tapping Circles to help folks release their stress around the pandemic. (For more information, and the link to join the April Tapping Circles, go to https://unblockresults.com/tappingcircle/.)

Instead, the money group is starting in May. That means I’m scheduling calls now with people interested in joining the group.

Email me at Nancy@UnblockResults.com to schedule a call. We’ll talk about what’s going on with you and see if there’s a fit.

You can change your financial life. Just picture how that will change your life, your relationships, and your future!

Wishing you the money you’ve been dreaming of!

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