Most of us reach for the same tool to get ourselves to stop procrastinating.

We think that the way to get moving is to yell at ourselves. Call ourselves “lazy,” “stupid,” or other names when we don’t get enough done. Call up our inner Drill Sergeant in an effort to force ourselves to get moving.

Actually, that approach makes the procrastination worse. So what do you do?

A sweet, gentle widow I’m working with had a particularly loud, cruel Drill Sergeant.

Watch the video to find out how she learned to dismiss her Drill Sergeant and discovered how to get herself moving.

One thought on “Dismiss Your Drill Sergeant!

  1. Procrastinating is a hobby I find hard to quit. Thank you for presenting this. I am guilty of this drill sergeant, being harsh on me. I agree it does not help. Being positive is what it takes to move forward.

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