A Better Way to Respond to the Newtown Tragedy

I need to share what I’ve been telling my therapy clients: Please turn off the news. Don’t let your children see any more than they already have. If something really important comes out, you will hear about it from friends or family. In the meantime, the repeated exposure to what happened in Connecticut will start to convince your brain that you and all those you love are in constant danger, that no one can be trusted, and the world is filled with evil, all of which can lead to anxiety and depression. Perhaps even more importantly, it will sap your energy to make change for the better.

By all means, do what you can to make the world a better place. Support and love those around you. Volunteer to serve food for the homeless. Drop off presents for families in need. If you want to do something more directly to help those affected, send thank you letters to the first responders. Just unplug from the constant barrage of news. I recommended this after 9-11 when I saw so many people (and not just therapy clients) being beaten down from what they saw and read over and over. I see it happening again. Please don’t let it happen to you.

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